All the Reasons You Should Be Watching Netflix’s Everything Sucks!

Netflix has pretty much taken full control of our lives and we’re kind of okay with that.

Not a day goes by that we aren’t binge-watching a movie, show or documentary on the streaming platform.

One of our favorite things about Netflix is the solid original content they continue to produce. From Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, to Fuller House and One Day at a Time, there’s no shortage of spectacular series for us to watch over and over and over again.

But none of them have captured our hearts as quickly as Netflix’s newest coming-of-age tale, Everything Sucks!. Following a group of friends who’ve just entered high school, we watch the characters go through a variety of trials and tribulations that dive deeper than petty school drama.

If you haven’t watched this show, scroll below for all the reasons you definitely should.

The Characters Are Truly Relatable

Every single character is going through something that is more than just a surface-level problem. Sure, you have your typical A/V nerds and drama kings and queens, but there’s a lot more depth and detail to every single character than we’ve seen in most shows. Chances are, you’ll relate to at least one or two characters in the series. From the single parents trying to raise their kids, to the high-schoolers dealing with their first crushes, there’s a storyline for everyone. Truth be told, the ones you connect with most may surprise you.


(Everything Sucks! via Netflix)


You’ll Feel Understood

One of our favorite parts about the show is how it discusses real and important topics that everyone has dealt with in life. It’s a show about real people, dealing with real issues as best they can. A few of the show’s characters go through things that aren’t often discussed in more mainstream series, so it’s refreshing to see them brought to light with this crew.


The Cast Is Adorable as Can Be

If you thought the Stranger Things cast was the cutest crew you’ve ever seen, just wait until you get acquainted with the actors in this series. Each and every one of them must be protected at all costs. We really aren’t kidding. You will watch one episode and they’ll instantly make a home in your heart.


(Everything Sucks! via Netflix)


It Couldn’t Have a More Perfect Soundtrack

Set in one of the greatest decades of all time (in our humble opinion), this ’90s-based series has one heck of a soundtrack. Paving the way for a more alternative style of music, we hear iconic artists, including Oasis, Tori Amos, Weezer and The Offspring spin on the soundtrack to the characters’ lives. Each song selected couldn’t be more perfectly paired with the scene it was chosen to score. And if you have no idea who any of the artists we’ve listed are, please look them up.


It Reminds You There’s so Much More to Everything Than Meets the Eye

The setting of this series is genius. The show takes place in the town of Boring, Oregon. Yes, there is such a place (it’s a small town just outside of Portland). But what these characters deal with is anything but boring, reminding us that there’s so much more to things than meets the eye. What you see isn’t always what you get, so you can never truly judge a book by its cover.


(Everything Sucks! via Netflix)


It’s an Easy Binge

Consisting of only 10 episodes, once you start one, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve finished the entire first season. We started it in the afternoon on Saturday and finished it by the evening. Each episode is around 30 minutes long, so they’re super quick to get through. But with that cliffhanger at the end, you’ll be waiting in agony for the second season to debut.


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These Overwatch Quotes Double as Perfect Instagram Captions

Blizzard‘s Overwatch has given us some of the most iconic video game catchphrases of all time.

The game is as much about the characters and their personalities as it is about the actual gameplay, and they’re endlessly quotable. In fact, we happen to think their lines make perfect Instagram captions.

For that selfie that makes you feel like a confident, intelligent and powerful gal:

“It takes a woman to know it.” – Ana


For those humble moments when you’re not afraid to admit you failed:

“You are only human.” – Genji


For the photo showing off your favorite time-saving life hack:

“Hack the planet.” – Sombra


For those zany times with friends when all logic and reason goes out the window:

“I tried being reasonable. Didn’t take to it.” – McCree


For the pic of you looking amazing as you try to scout out your crush:

“I’ve got you on my radar.” – Pharah

For those confident days when you feel you don’t need anyone else to get the job done:

“I’m an army of one.” – Soldier:76


For when you’re feeling dramatic at a birthday party:

“Let them eat cake.” – Widowmaker


For your zen yoga pose:

“Flow like water.” – Hanzo


For the group pic of you and all of your best friends arriving at the party together:

“Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here.” – Tracer

A post shared by Ax (@axcelerationdesigns) on


For one of those tiny moments in life that make everything worthwhile:

“It’s the little things.” – Junkrat


For your frostiest snow day pic:

“Hey, chill out!” – Mei


For the snap of your latest failed DIY:

“Some assembly required.” – Tornbörn


For all your post-game selfies:

“GG!” – D.Va

A post shared by Savannah 💕 (@palanquin.queen) on


For the stunning selfie in your favorite all-black wardrobe:

“I’m back in black.” – Reaper


For that pic of you being dead serious:

“Error 404: Sarcasm module not found.” – Orisa


For that pic of you being the mom of the friend group, even though you’re only like a month older than everyone else:

“Respect your elders.” – Reinhardt


For that shot of “everything is normal” but your mood makes it feel like the end of the world:

“Welcome to the apocalypse.” – Roadhog


For that pic of you showing up at the last minute and saving the day:

“I’m not a miracle worker. Well—not always.” – Mercy


For any instance when the simplest of technology makes your life better:

“The power of science!” – Winston


For that shot of your room that greets everyone into your personal world:

“Welcome to my reality.” – Symmetra


For your favorite concert photos:

“Give yourself to the rhythm.” – Lúcio


For that dreamy, first-thing-in-the-morning selfie:

“I dreamt I was a butterfly.” – Zenyatta


For your swole post-workout selfie:

“Strong as the mountain.” – Zarya

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5 Major Things People Get Wrong About Pisces

From Feb. 19 to March 20, Pisces will be the star of the zodiac.

We figured, what better way to kick off the new celestial season than by debunking some common misconceptions about the sign?

Keep scrolling for five major things everyone gets wrong about Pisces.

They Always Have Their Heads in the Clouds

Pisces are known for their escapist nature. They tend to be pretty big dreamers who do favor taking time away from the realities they face. But their heads aren’t always in the clouds. This zodiac sign knows how to limit their time spent in their alternate reality. So if you ever catch them when they’ve drifted off to a dream world, let them have this moment. They’ll soon return to the real world, don’t you worry.


(Stranger Things 2 via Netflix)


They’re Judgmental

Pisces is a very caring sign. They want those they care about to live their best lives, so they’re always offering up their advice on how they think you can improve your life. More often than not, you’ll shrug it off, but they’ll keep pestering you to follow the path they’ve laid out for you. When you don’t, they’ll be upset, though they’ll eventually get over it. You may see them as being judgmental for not accepting your way of life, but they really are just overly caring.


They’re Ridiculously Clingy

Sure, Pisces love spending a majority of their time around their loved ones. For the most part, you’ll never really find them alone. This is especially true when it comes to their relationships. They’d give anything to spend every waking moment with their S.O., but they know their limits. Pisces also enjoys spending time with nobody other than themselves.


(One Day at a Time via Netflix)


They’re Pushovers

A Pisces may be willing to do anything and everything to help their loved ones out, but even they have their limits. They’ll be by your side in your time of need, but if they can tell right away if you’re using them for your benefit and will ditch you within a moment’s notice. If you want a Pisces to stay your friend, you have to treat them with the same respect they treat you. They have no time for selfish people.


They’re Overly Sensitive

As empathetic as one can get, Pisces are deeply concerned with caring for their loved ones. It’s what they believe they’re meant to do with their lives. Many believe this makes them overly sensitive, because they are so in touch with their feelings. Yes, Pisces are pretty delicate beings who have no problem expressing their emotions, but they aren’t as fragile as you’d expect. They’re much more concerned with the emotions of everyone else than their own.


(Everything Sucks! via Netflix)


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Show Off Your Southside Serpents Pride With These Riverdale Items

While the core four (Archie, Betty, Jughead and Veronica) are undoubtedly the stars of Riverdale, we’ve always been fond of the show’s ragtag bunch of misfits—the Southside Serpents.

With their take-no-prisoner attitude and their rebellious style, you do not want to tread on these snakes.

We’d give anything to be a part of their crew, mainly for their sick leather jackets—and to be that much closer to Jughead, but alas, it cannot happen.

Thankfully, there are enough Serpent-inspired items we can add to our wardrobe to make us feel like we’re in the group, without all of the bad stuff, of course.

Scroll below for all the accessories and clothes you need to feel like a Southside Serpent.

Southside Serpents joining Riverdale High

(Riverdale via The CW)

Southside Serpents Socks: $21.46

We need at least seven pairs of these, one for every day of the week.

Southside Serpents socks from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Southside Serpents Keychain: $7.12

Your keys will always be safe and sound on this keychain.

Southside Serpents keychain from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Southside Serpents Earrings: $5.74

Serpents never leave the house without their earrings.

Southside Serpents earrings from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Southside Serpents Sweatpants: $15.92

Nothing better to lounge around the house in.

Southside Serpents sweatpants from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Southside Serpents Mug: $18

Can’t wait to sip the blood of our enemies coffee out of this mug.

Southside Serpents mug from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Southside Serpents Mini Backpack: $31.92

The perfect sized backpack to carry around the head off the General Pickens statue.

Southside Serpents mini backpack from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Southside Serpents Necklace: $7.25

The perfect charm for a charmer.

Southside Serpents necklace from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Southside Serpents T-Shirt: $18.32

You’ll be repping the toughest crew around loud and proud with this tee.

Southside Serpents T-shirt from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Southside Serpents Temporary Tattoos: $2.46

Every Serpent gets a tat. At least this way it’ll be less painful.

Southside Serpents temporary tattoos from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Southside Serpents Sticker: $2.75

You can never go wrong with stickers.

Southside Serpents stickers from Redbubble

(via Redbubble)


Southside Serpents Phone Case: $9.90

Fits any type of phone for every type of Serpent.

Southside Serpents phone case from Etsy

(via Etsy)


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Here’s What Happened When I Met My Style Icon

Sometimes I have to take a minute and remember how cool my job really is.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of meeting, interviewing and befriending some of the biggest celebrities, fashion icons and beauty gurus in the world, including my all time style icon, Rachel Zoe.

Growing up, I was constantly reading magazines like Us Weekly and People, and loved reading all the details about celebrities’ red carpet outfits and who styled them. There was one name I kept reading in the credits—Rachel Zoe—and I quickly became well versed in her signature ’70s ensembles and all of the major stars she dressed on and off the red carpet.

As the years progressed, the world soon fell for all things Rachel Zoe, thanks to her hit Bravo reality show The Rachel Zoe Project, which started airing in 2008. Rachel became a household name and the most powerful stylist in Hollywood.

A post shared by Rachel Zoe (@rachelzoe) on

The height of Rachel’s fame came when I was in college, and I remember thinking how cool it would be to meet her one day. Little did I know back then that not only would I get to meet her, I would interview her dozens of times, get to sit front row at her fashion shows and she would even know me by name. The 19-year-old in me is screaming as I re-read that line I just wrote.

Allison McNamara Rachel Zoe Interview POPSGUAR

(via POPSUGAR YouTube)

Allison McNamara Rachel Zoe Interview

(via POPSUGAR Youtube)

So you’re probably wondering… what’s she like? What was it like meeting her for the first time? I first interviewed Rachel at New York Fashion Week in Sept. 2010. It was my first time attending NYFW as an on-camera reporter, and nervous is just the tip of the iceberg of what I felt at the time. I remember spotting Rachel backstage at Alexander Wang, and felt so terrified to go up and interview this person I looked up to and watched for so many years. But I knew I had to push myself if I was going to progress in my career as a reporter. And also, who wouldn’t want to chat with the queen of style?

I mustered up the courage to tap her on the shoulder and ask her for a quick interview. Phew, she so kindly obliged! The second we started talking I instantly calmed down. She was the most kind, genuine, funny and relatable person. I don’t remember what we talked about because usually when you’re super nervous, you sort of black out.

But I do remember how she made me feel—welcomed, which isn’t something you usually feel from the fashion crowd. We chatted for much longer than I anticipated, and looking back, she was so sweet and patient with me as I navigated one of my first on-camera NYFW interviews.

Since then, I have been attending NYFW every season and have interviewed her countless times: before her first-ever fashion presentation, before her first child and after her second boy. I’ve attended parties and events, interviewed her on red carpets, at department stores, and most recently got invited to sit front row at her fashion show here in L.A.

I’ll tell you this: Rachel Zoe is a total class act, and I’m so happy that my career has allowed me to meet and get to know such interesting and talented people. It just goes to show you never know what lies ahead in your future, and meeting your icon can totally happen, even if it seems far out of reach at the moment.

A post shared by Rachel Zoe (@rachelzoe) on


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QUIZ: Can You Identify These Stranger Things Characters Based on Tiny Details?

So you’ve watched the first and second seasons of Stranger Things over and over and you practically know them by heart—but can you identify the show’s characters based on the teeniest, tiniest details?

Take the quiz below to find out.

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Your Birthday: Expectations vs. Reality

Growing up, your favorite day of the year is hands-down your birthday.

Not only does it come along with a plethora of treats and presents, but everything is about you and only you on your b-day.

While this day is still super special, we have to admit that it comes paired with a pretty high level of expectation. And TBH, the birthday reality isn’t as sparkling as our imaginations would like to believe.

Continue reading to get your birthday balloon expectations popped by some pretty unhappy realities:


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The Morning: Expectation

The moment you wake up is when your birthday begins. And because you have the most doting, adorable parents, your special day kicks off with breakfast in bed. Yes, it’s your special day, which means that pancakes shaped like hearts or Mickey ears are about to be served with a healthy dose of syrup. It seems as though somehow the light is just shining brighter this morning.

Marie Antoinette being pampered

(Marie Antoinette via Sony Pictures)


The Morning: Reality

So it’s still dark out, cool. Whether or not you’re the first one to wake up doesn’t really matter because no one is getting up early to make you breakfast in bed. Sure, it’s your birthday, but it’s not like you’re a kid or anything. Your family members may throw some “Happy Birthdays” in your direction, but the fact of the matter is that you’re having a granola bar for breakfast again because you’re too groggy to make this morning eventful.


The Birthday Wishes: Expectation

Everyone at school knows it’s your birthday because who can forget such an important date? It would practically be like forgetting which date Valentine’s Day falls on! Your classmates stop you to shout out birthday wishes during passing period which makes you feel super special. Even your teachers know that this day is special, and some of them give you a pass on the evening’s homework. After all, you’ll be too busy celebrating with your family to complete worksheets and research reports.

Raven gets big hug from friends

(Raven’s Home via Disney Channel)


The Birthday Wishes: Reality

Most people only realize it’s your birthday when they get a notification on Facebook. Aside from your group of best friends, the only bday wishes you’re getting today will be in cyberspace. Sure, your wall may fill up with “HBD”s and balloon emojis galore, but it just isn’t the same as getting that face-to-face recognition that shows people are happy you were born.


The Locker Decorations: Expectation

It goes without saying that your friends are going to transform your locker with an adorable assortment of birthday decorations. Everyone on campus will know that today is your special day because of the cute aesthetic emanating love and happiness from your locker. Because it’s your day, you also won’t have to worry about cleaning your space up because your friends are going to see this tradition through.

Glamorous birthday balloons

(via Shutterstock)


The Locker Decorations: Reality

It’s really flattering to find that your besties have done up your locker with balloons, pictures, streamers and more, but in reality this celebratory decor is more of a nuisance than anything else. It’s likely you’ll have to carry your balloons around all day long which gets old really fast—for you and your teachers. You’ll have a difficult time putting things in and taking things out of your locker as long as these decorations get in the way. Oh, and don’t even think about going home before cleaning it all up because you’ll have an even bigger mess on your hands tomorrow.


The Social Media Announcement: Expectation

Aside from the locker decorating, your best friends have another job to accomplish today which is sending out a social media announcement about their beloved friend’s birthday. Your BFF writes the sweetest IG caption that annotates your entire friendship while filling all ten carousel photo slots. Your S.O. probably keeps it simple with one gorg photo of you and a short but sweet line about how much they love you. Ahh yes, you do feel like a princess today.


The Social Media Announcement: Reality

Your bestie goes with a really goofy picture of you that you probably didn’t want the entire world (wide web) to see. Or, worse, they post a photo of the two of you from a recent event that celebrated her, perhaps a photo from her last birthday, as if to remind everyone on social media that today may be your day, but you aren’t the queen of the world or anything.  And, to be honest, you really expected more of your friends to get in on this bandwagon.

Aria looking at her phone in shock

(Pretty Little Liars via ABC Family)


The Presents: Expectation

Your friends and family know you so well that they’ve bestowed you with the perfect gifts tailormade to your tastes. You’ve got the fandom-related gifts, the tasty treats made from scratch and of course the makeup kit you’ve had your eye on for some time now. While you love the gifts, it makes you even happier knowing how well your loved ones know you.

Dudley's birthday presents

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone via Warner Bros.)


The Presents: Reality

Now that you’re getting older, the gifts are getting much smaller. And might we add… a little on the practical side. Of course we’re grateful for every gift we receive, but does a new set of toiletries really say, “Birthday”? Not only do the gifts fly under the radar at home, but you’re also at the age where friends stop bringing gifts to your party. No one knows why we stopped giving gifts after middle school, but someone out there started a trend that we’re not ready to get behind.

The Extended Relatives Money: Expectation

It’s that wonderful time of the year that your extended relatives celebrate your birth with cards upon cards filled with money. Grandma and Gramps always send the most, of course, but your favorite aunts and uncles are always reliable with a sizable donation or even a nifty gift card to your fave shops. Of course you’ll send thank you letters because they really are too kind.

Black-ish Jack and Diane throwing money in the air

(Black-ish via ABC)


The Extended Relatives Money: Reality

Sure, when you were a kid it was super exciting to open up a corny card to reveal a magical green slip of paper with Andrew Jackson’s face on it, but now that we’re older, a $20 doesn’t go nearly as far and it’s a little disappointing. It seems as though everyone else’s relatives (especially grandparents, amirite?) serve up the big bucks for birthdays. But, alas, not yours.


The Dinner: Expectation

Whether your parents cook up your favorite meal or you partake in tradition by going out to your annual birthday restaurant, tonight’s food is just another way of celebrating you. All of the stops are pulled out for this one, including, but not limited to, a massively delicious cake at the end of the feast. You’ll doubtlessly snap photos of the event in which the whole family is filled with good food and happy times.

Girl Meets World, Maya's birthday

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


The Dinner: Reality

Well, for one, your brother is at some sports practice and your mom is stuck at work. Sure, everyone wanted to be together for your big birthday dinner but you just can’t reason with life. You’re probably feeling a little old to go to one of those cheesy restaurants that makes you wear some type of oversized hat to snap a photo that’ll go down in the books of humiliation for all of eternity. You want to put a smile on your face because you know everyone’s doing the best they can on a weeknight, but how many times do you have to say that you don’t like fruit in your cake before someone bothers to remember??


The Birthday Song: Expectation

All eyes are on you while your group of loved ones harmonize their happiness for your birthday. With the lights dimmed and a set of candles under your chin, your face is absolutely glowing while friends snap cute birthday pics of your bashful smile. This is def going to be a grammable moment.


The Birthday Song: Reality

No one, we repeat, no one likes to have “Happy Birthday” sung to them in front of a crowd. It’s embarrassing, it’s entirely too long and it’s way too much attention for anyone to handle. What’s worse is when they go the extra mile to include all of those “many more’s” at the end of the song. Don’t even get us started with the cha cha cha’s. Additionally, it may just be physically impossible for anyone to sing this song in tune.

Rory getting sung "Happy Birthday"

(Gilmore Girls via Warner Bros. Television)


The Party: Expectation

You obviously throw the party of the year… that goes without saying. But the best part of your party is that your crush showed up and he or she may just have a present that can’t be wrapped up in a box. That’s right, a birthday smooch from your crush is the cherry on top of an already perfect night. Food, friends and flings, what more could a girl want??

Sixteen Candles bday celebration with crush

(Sixteen Candles via Universal Pictures)


The Party: Reality

Well, most of your friends showed up. The ones who were still in town at least. Whether you have a summer birthday or one that falls close to a major holiday, the stars just don’t align for your magical party. For whatever reason, gifts weren’t the only thing that your guests came baring because there is so much drama at this bash you may as well be in MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. Ugh, that’s right, your birthday just put the reality in reality television.


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The Best Instagram Captions for Photos of Your Cat

You’re obsessed with your fluffy cat, and the world needs to see it.

When they do something cute or get into adorable mischief, you’ve managed to take the perfect action shot. But the bigger issue remains: How do you caption your photo?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below are Instagram  captions for all of your pretty kitty pics:

You and your furry friend looking into each other’s eyes:

“She clawed her way into my heart and wouldn’t let go.”

-Missy Altijd


Your kitty sleeping in a cute position:

“Sometimes you have to paws the world.”


cat lying on his back
(via Pexels)


When your cat rips his favorite toy to shreds:

“Here we have a tail of tragedy and woe.”



For the photo of your kitty getting a bath:

“Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?”

-Phoebe Buffay

A post shared by Nymeria (@nymeria_f) on


For the #tbt of your cat by the Christmas tree

“A very meowy Christmas throwback to you!”



When your cat is giving you evil eyes:

“Hooman, bring me tuna!”


A post shared by Brinie (@briniechan) on


When your cat is cuddled up in a pile of blankets on the weekend:

“Happy Caturday!”



When your cat is looking particularly sassy:

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.” 

-Mary Bly


A photo of your cat acting like a queen:

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff.”



When your cat is going to pounce on his favorite toy:

“Here we spot the wild house cat closing in on his prey”


cat about to pounce
(via Pexels)


A photo of your cat looking incredulous:

“You gotta be kitten me!”



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