If You’re a Libra, You’ll Identify With These Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Libras, your time has come. From now until Oct. 22, we’ll be celebrating you.

To honor the start of your zodiac sign‘s season, we thought we’d share nine truths every Libra will relate to.

Scroll below to get to know yourself a little bit better!

1. You’re the most balanced person anyone will ever meet. You don’t really experience many issues in life, mainly because you’re fantastic at handling the bad along with the good.

2. As your sign is represented by the scales, you’re obviously a very fair and diplomatic individual. Your superpower is squashing any argument in under five minutes.

(Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince via Warner Bros.)

3. You’re also a very peaceful person, constantly trying to bring harmony and equality to the world as best you can.

4. A social butterfly, you make friends easier than any sign in the zodiac. Seriously, there’s not a single person who doesn’t want to be your BFF. You know about popular!

5. Sometimes you’re too much of a people-pleaser that you forget to focus on your own needs. Remember to go after what you want, not what people tell you you want.

Hans looking at Anna in disgust in Disney's Frozen

(Frozen via Walt Disney Pictures)

6. You hate being alone, so you’re always surrounded by your friends, family or S.O. Loneliness is the one thing you can’t get onboard with.

7. Your caring and empathetic nature makes you one heck of a BFF. Your besties know they can turn to you whenever they need a shoulder to cry on or when they need some insightful advice.

8. Because you’re insanely intelligent, you’re all about doing things that are mentally stimulating. That could be reading a new book, chatting with someone who has a different viewpoint than you or watching a documentary on a subject you want to know more about.

Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast reading a book

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

9. You make one of the best partners anyone will ever have. You’re very caring, but also totally romantic. Your S.O. knows they’ll always feel appreciated, so long as you’re by their side.


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Is It Cute or Creepy That This Spider Looks Just Like Pikachu?

We’re warning you now that it might not be wise to scroll down if you’re scared of spiders—but this one looks just like Pikachu and might be totally worth it.

Pikachu with rope tied around waist

(Pokémon via 4 Kids Entertainment)

The folks at Nerdist were the first to report on Twitter user Jonathan Kolby’s personal photo of the spider, noting that its but looks pretty identical to Pikachu.

As it turns out, this wasn’t a one-off. The spider is from the species micrathena sagittata. Based on what we’ve been able to find on Instagram, this color palette is the signature look of females of the species, complete with Pikachu’s signature yellow color, black ear tips, rosy red cheeks and even its eyes, nose and mouth.

A post shared by Dan Bakano (@isabako) on

Even though we’re totally squeamish around spiders, we don’t mind looking at this Pokémon doppelganger. It’s almost cute enough to keep around as a pet. Almost.


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This Glow-in-the-Dark Oogie Boogie Popcorn Bucket Is Disney’s Latest Must-Have Item

When Disney parks started selling this park-exclusive Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket, we think they knew exactly the frenzy it would create.

A post shared by Horror Collector (@pure.horror) on

With Halloween rapidly approaching, Disney parks released this glow-in-the-dark popcorn bucket inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas baddie about a week ago.

Obviously, it’s a fan favorite, with popcorn stands across the park quickly selling out. The stands that do still have Oogie Boogie in stock have long lines, and according to one park-goer, folks are waiting 30 to 40 minutes to get their hands on one.

A post shared by Sergio 🐢 (@ninjaturtle310) on

If you do manage to get in line before they sell out, don’t be surprised that they cost $15 a piece. This may be a little pricey for a souvenir bucket, but once you have one, popcorn refills are just a buck. And if you’re really desperate, you can go online to nab one—but you might have to fork over upwards of $45 to make Oogie Boogie yours.

Based on what we’ve seen of it so far, even that high price would be totally worth it.


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We Tried Compartés’ Decadent Frozen Hot Chocolate

Just when we thought it wasn’t possible for Compartés to outdo itself (I mean, hello, Avocado Chocolate and Potato Crisp Chocolate, to name a couple), the luxury dessert line launched its signature Frozen Hot Chocolate.


(Photo Courtesy of Compartés)

When we learned about this new development, we obviously jumped at the chance to try it. We not only indulged in a frozen flurry topped with 24 karat gold flecks but also received a personalized store tour from the company’s creator Jonathan Grahm. Let’s just say the Kelly Wearstler-designed space is everything you’d imagine from such a decadent line of chocolates. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s stationed right inside the newly redesigned Westfield Century City mall, which is considered one of the chicest shopping locations in all of Los Angeles.


(Photo Courtesy of Compartes)

As much as we love chocolate, we’re a bit sensitive when it comes to sugar, so we were initially apprehensive to dive into something we thought might be overly sweet with many additives. To our pleasant surprise, Compartés’ Frozen Hot Chocolate is made with only two ingredients: 67% dark chocolate and 33% frozen milk. And when we indulged in a full cup—which came pouring from a custom brass machine—it was certainly rich in flavor. It fulfilled our cocoa craving, but we didn’t feel sick after a slew of sips. We could tell the ingredients were natural as promised; it was unlike anything we’d ever tasted before!


(Photo Courtesy of Compartes)

If the above stills just aren’t enough of a visual for you, check out the video below to really go inside our experience at Compartés!

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Here’s Why SteamWorld Dig 2 Is Practically Impossible to Put Down

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has some strong competition for the most addictive game on the Nintendo Switch in SteamWorld Dig 2.

Yes, the game is also available on PC, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Vita, but something about it feels classically Nintendo. It perfectly blends the gratifying collect-and-sell aspect from Animal Crossing with the exploratory intrigue of Metroid games and the puzzle-solving complexity of a Professor Layton game into a neat, super playable package.

SteamWorld Dig 2: SteamWorld Dig title screen

(via Image & Form Games)

Taking place in the same world as the first SteamWorld Dig game, it drops players into a western steampunk world. After the events of the first game, the hero Rusty has mysteriously vanished. This time around, you play as a Steambot named Dorothy who sets off on a mission to discover what happened to him, and in the process uncovers that things go way deeper than she ever imagined.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Steampunk desert

(via Image & Form Games)

Armed with a handy pickaxe, a backpack and a lantern to light the way, Dorothy starts digging downward in search of clues. However, you don’t want to just start digging willy-nilly. You should choose each strike of your pickaxe carefully since resources like gems and ore are embedded in the soil and once you’ve dug down, you can’t really dig up and out due to Dorothy’s set of moves.

As you travel deeper and deeper, riches won’t be the only thing to look out for. Enemies pose an immediate threat, and you can either risk taking them on for rewards or avoid them to preserve your health. Large rocks will fall on you if you’re not careful, potentially crushing resources, but they can also clear chunks of earth below them. There are also many different types of rock to dig through. Some will give way immediately, while others will take multiple hits to destroy. Other stone will only budge once you’ve upgraded your abilities.

SteamWorld Dig 2: New power grenade launcher

(via Image & Form Games)

And once your backpack is filled with goodies or your lamp light gets too low to see what you’re doing, you’ve got to make a decision. Using pneumatic tubes located throughout the world, you can instantly travel back to the surface to restore your lamp and health, but if the last tube was a while back, it can be worth it to just push onward in search of the next one. Progress is made quickly in SteamWorld Dig 2, and risk-taking is often rewarded.

The game’s mining mechanic is fun in itself, but what makes the loot system extra satisfying is how it pays off. By returning to the main hub town of El Machino, you can sell your goods to Barnacle Jones for cold hard cash. In turn, you use this money to buy upgrades at Turtle Bucket’s workbench.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Selling goods in town

(via Image & Form Games)

These upgrades are essential, but it’s up to the player to decide which ones to go for first. A tougher pickaxe means you can dig more efficiently, saving time and quickly getting you out of jams when the going gets tough. A bigger backpack means fewer trips to the surface to trade your spoils, plus the chance for bigger payouts.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Item upgrades

(via Image & Form Games)

Of course, you’ll also want to improve your lamp to extend your visibility during trips, and your body armor so you can take more damage. This last bit is crucial, because when Dorothy runs out of health, she’s scrapped, and must lose a portion of what she’s dug up to go adventuring again.

This system puts players in a cycle of exploring, selling, upgrading and returning to explore again with enhanced abilities that make the exploration ever better. Because tubes are so frequent, it’s possible to return to the surface every few minutes with a huge haul. This system feels extremely rewarding, as soon your enhanced gear makes you feel more powerful and better-equipped to take on anything. It also makes hours of gameplay feel like they flew by in just minutes.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Lava temple

(via Image & Form Games)

The workbench also allows you to utilize cogs. They’re rare items that are carefully hidden throughout the world in tough-to-reach spots or locations that require quick thinking and puzzle-solving skills to locate. Even so, they’re totally worth finding since they enable special upgrades, from enhancing the slots in your backpack with more space to improving the strength of your pressure bombs to giving you extra cash when you defeat enemies.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Cog mods

(via Image & Form Games)

Steambots hidden throughout the regions of the game will also give you blueprints for cog mods that add more challenge for reward. Maybe you want to make enemies more likely to drop valuable items, while also making them deal bigger damage or double the experience you get from defeating enemies while preventing them from dropping health.

Special artifacts are also tucked away in the most unexpected places. By showing them to a local archeologist, you can get even more blueprints for cog mods.

Because Dorothy runs on steam, her special abilities also require water. In order to use certain abilities that she discovers throughout the game, like the pressure bomb, grenade launcher or jackhammer, she must have a reserve of water on her at all times. These moves quickly use up steam, so any time you see a body of water, it makes sense to hop in and refuel.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Swimming in water

(via Image & Form Games)

With all of these abilities at your disposal, it’s up to you to uncover each area in the world’s massive map, which is only revealed as you traverse through it. But however big the map may be, the game is smartly designed so that it’s almost impossible to get lost. Doors to other sections of the map and treasure-filled caves are clearly marked. Once you’ve located all of the goodies hidden in a cave, it even lets you know, which is a blessing for completionists who’ll want to revisit sections only if it means they’ll find new things. The map also marks the location of quest objectives, so you’ll always know if you’re headed in the right direction to move the game along.  The map screen also lets you know how many of that area’s secrets you’ve discovered to put you on the right path.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Map

(via Image & Form Games)

And while this is a game about digging, you don’t have to worry about every area looking like the same dusty stacks of dirt and rocks. While the first rocky region of Archaea fits this description, other segments are quite varied. The above-ground world blends steampunk and old west aesthetics, while the underground areas vary from the hauntingly beautiful bioluminescent world of Yarrow to ancient temples and even bizarre mechanical sectors.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Underground glimmering world of Yarrow

(via Image & Form Games)

And while the first SteamWorld Dig game had procedurally generated levels, this game’s areas are anything but random. The levels are painstakingly laid out and brilliantly interwoven so that it feels like one cohesive world, with each enemy, resource or cog perfectly in its place. The game also progresses organically. Sometimes, the barrier to the next area is based on a new ability you need to find first, and other times it’s simply dauntingly difficult to pursue because of mobs of enemies and obstacles.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Mechanical world

(via Image & Form Games)

Every aspect of this game delights. Navigation through tricky labyrinthian temples and puzzle-solving keeps things from being all about the digging. While the challenge ramps up, you also get tougher as a player and you never feel stuck. As you beat enemies and accomplish certain goals, you also take on experience and level up. Doing so means you get more money at every trade-in and that you can unlock more and more upgrades for your equipment.

SteamWorld Dig 2: Minecart

(via Image & Form Games)

The game is also gorgeous, even if you wouldn’t expect so from a game about digging. Each area takes on its own character, and each character has its own unique design. The non-player characters also add color to the world, but it’s also nice that talking to them is mostly optional. The game will let you know who you must actually talk to make the story progress. This way, you’re free to get a great sense of the world if you’d like, but if you just want to get back to the gameplay, you can.

If we had to voice one complaint about the game, it would be that it’s too easy to get totally absorbed in the game. Time flies when you’re playing SteamWorld Dig 2, so if you’ve got a big project or lots of homework looming, stay far away!

Best of all, the game costs just $19.99 on each of its respective platforms. That’s a lot of greatness for an inexpensive game.


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11 Embarrassing Moments We’ve All Experienced While Taking a Test at School

There’s no situation more nerve-wracking in school than taking a test.

Just the thought of them causes your palms to sweat, knees to quiver and heart to race.

And as if attempting to complete the exam wasn’t enough, we bet you’ve all experienced one or more of these embarrassing scenarios below while filling out your test booklet.

1. One of the biggest blunders we’ve all experienced at least once is forgetting we even had an exam. So, of course, those test scores did not turn out too well. Better luck next time!

2. Or you realize you spent all night studying the wrong material after you read the first question on the test. Definitely the most annoying thing to happen to anyone ever.

Stiles and Scott sleeping after spending all night studying on MTV's Teen Wolf

(Teen Wolf via MTV)

3. The worst thing though is forgetting important materials. We’re not just talking about a measly pencil, but rather your calculator or the fact that you could’ve brought a cheat sheet. Would’ve been nice to remember that.

4. We’ve all been caught glancing at our desk partner’s test to double-check our answers. Let’s just say that the look you get from your teacher is not a happy one.

5. We can’t forget that whenever it becomes insanely quiet, your stomach decides it’s going to make the loudest growling noises, which causes everyone to send glaring looks your way.

Cher Horowitz confused while taking an exam in Clueless

(Clueless via Paramount Pictures)

6. There’s nothing your classmates detest more than when you decide you need to sharpen your pencil during the middle of the exam. They lose all concentration and are quick to blame you if their test scores fail because of it.

7. If you’ve ever been the last to finish a test, you know how quickly your classmates will scrutinize you for taking forever to turn in your exam. What? You just want to make sure you did everything right.

8. On the other hand, you’ve probably experienced finishing your exam faster than anyone else, even the smartest kid in class. It’s then when you realized you totally forgot to flip the exam over and do the backside… whoops! Hey, it happens.

Cady turning in her AP Calculus exam to Miss Norbury in Mean Girls

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

9. Overestimating how much time you have is no fun either. You spend more time than you should on the first couple of questions and then have to rush through the rest of the test.

10. Ever have a sneezing attack so bad that you had to ask for a new exam because it was covered in snot? Yeah, us either…

11. Even more horrible than that scenario is getting sick during the middle of an exam and spewing chunks all over your test. It’s very rare, but it does happen.


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From BTS to Kelsea Ballerini, Here Are Our Top New Music Friday Tracks

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for us to share our top five new music releases of the week.

From BTS and Kelsea Ballerini to Olivia Holt and Macklemore featuring Kesha, we’re all about this week’s slew of fresh hits. Scroll below to give them a listen!

1. “DNA” by BTS

K-pop band BTS has taken the world by storm with their stunning good looks and catchy tunes. The group just released their latest album earlier this week, which features EDM, pop, hip-hop and a plethora of other genres. For any other artist, this would seem like overkill, but BTS seamlessly brings all of these genres together on one incredible album. While our favorite track is prone to change, we’re currently digging their tune “DNA” the most.


2. “Good Old Days” by Macklemore feat. Kesha

Releasing his first full-length solo album for the first time in over 10 years, Macklemore has delivered an all-around fun and exciting collection of tracks. Diving more into the pop realm, each upbeat tune will leave you feeling good. Our favorite, of course, is his collaboration with Kesha. An idealistic anthem, it’ll remind you the importance of living your life.


3. “Generous” by Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt has been teasing us snippets of her new song “Generous,” but it’s finally here. The pop masterpiece is utterly sultry, giving us major Selena Gomez and Britney Spears vibes. Without a doubt, you’ll be singing the chorus for the rest of the day after you listen to this tune.


4. “High School” by Kelsea Ballerini

High school is romanticized as this fantastic place where everything magical and wonderful will happen. Country cutie Kelsea Ballerini is here to remind you that life really begins when high school ends with her latest single, appropriately titled “High School.” There’s more to life than what happens in high school, trust both us and Kelsea.


5. “Blush” by Janelle Kroll feat. Aalias

Indie singer-songwriter Janelle Kroll has a mystical pop hit on her hands with her new tune “Blush.” With this song, Janelle hopes to bring power back to blushing, rather than letting it be a symbol of embarrassment. Own your feelings!


You can listen to these tunes whenever you want by following the playlist below:


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