These New Oreos Taste Just Like Samoa Girl Scout Cookies

With all of the buzz around Oreo’s new mystery flavor, we somehow missed that they also released coconut-flavored Oreo Thins earlier this year. We totally regret not discovering the cookies sooner.

Coconut Oreo Thins packaging

If you love Oreos but haven’t had Oreo Thins before, they’re absolutely worth a taste. Both the cookie and creme layers are thinner, making for a more snackable experience with a different cookie-to-creme ratio than the traditional Oreos. While the standard Oreo Thins are good, the new coconut ones are even better.

Coconut Oreo Thins stack

Though they might look just like a standard Oreo, they’re anything but. They smell a bit like toasted coconut, and each nibble is a lot like biting into a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie, minus the caramel. If you get a hankering for those cookies during the off-season, these just might satisfy your cravings.

Coconut Oreo Thins stack twisted open

If you dislike coconut, you likely won’t enjoy this cookie much, but if you love the occasional Mounds bar or Almond Joy, you’ll enjoy Oreo’s take on combining chocolatey goodness with coconut creme flavor. Excuse us while we buy the entire stock.

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This Hair Dryer Actually Makes Blow Drying Long Hair Fun

Achieving luscious, mermaid-like hair is just about every girl’s dream.

As someone with long locks, I know firsthand that they ain’t all they’re cracked up to be.

My hair gets caught in just about anything, it’s always falling out (which makes me wonder if I’m slowly balding) and it is nearly impossible to style. My hair doesn’t hold a curl and it takes me more time to straighten it than I’d like to admit.

But the absolute worst part about having long hair is how long it takes to blow dry. Most of the time I just let it air dry, but occasionally, there are days when I actually want my hair to look decent, so I plug in my hair dryer and go to work for about 20 minutes, making sure not a single strand is left even the slightest bit damp. It’s an agonizing process.

Laura Marano in Disney Channel's Bad Hair Day

(Bad Hair Day via Disney Channel)

Enter HAI Beauty Concepts. The company recently sent me their new STYLSET hair dryer to test out. Shockingly, I was excited to give this dryer a try, but not for the reason you’re thinking.

Unlike any blow dryer out there, the STYLSET releases a fresh jasmine scent whenever it’s in use. I figured this nifty modification would at least make my hair drying experience a bit more enjoyable, and it did.

A post shared by Lindy Sue (@mrs_lindysue) on

Within seconds of turning the dryer on, I was welcomed with a refreshing whiff of jasmine. It wasn’t too overpowering, nor was it too minimal, though I did notice the fragrance more when the heat was turned down.

This unique feature isn’t the only reason I’m a fan of this hair dryer. Unlike the one I used before this, it completely dries my hair in about half the time. That was quite a pleasant surprise.

It also left my hair shiny and frizz-free, unlike the hair dryer I’ve always used. Normally, my hair is one big frizz monster and it feels very brittle. That wasn’t the case after using the STYLSET thanks to its UV light and far-infrared rays.

It’s safe to say I’m thoroughly obsessed with this new hair dryer. It quickly gets the job done and leaves my hair soft to the touch. Plus, it emits a scent that keeps me relaxed during the entire process. What more could you ask for?

Though the STYLSET retails for $140, it’s totally worth the splurge. You’ll use it often and it’ll last a lifetime.


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The New Cheese Tea Trend May Sound Weird, but It Tastes Great

“Cheese tea” is the next big drink trend taking over China, Taiwan and Malaysia, and it’s starting to invade the U.S.

The name may sound weird, but once you find out what it’s all about, the drink is actually pretty tempting. It takes traditional cold tea drinks, from milk tea to herbal teas and matcha, and tops them with a yummy layer of whipped cream cheese.

We visited a local shop that specializes in the drinks called the Little Fluffy Head Café to try them for ourselves.

The café has a bunch of cute drinks to choose from, from a classic boba milk tea to camouflage matcha and jasmine green teas—but we opted for the “Dirty Mess” milk tea, which was topped with a creme brûlée cream cheese as well as a generous sprinkling of crushed Oreo.

Fluffy Little Head dirty mess cheese milk tea capped

The drink came in a super cute specialized cup, but we obviously had to take the lid off to see the glorious layers underneath. The foamy cream cheese was quite thick—enough to support all of those tasty Oreo crumbs—and when we put the lid back on and took the first sip, it was delicious.

Fluffy Little Head dirty mess cheese milk tea

The cream cheese itself tasted much like cheesecake, and combined with the Oreo cookie crumbles and milk tea, it tasted almost like liquid cake. The froth didn’t give off the impression of “cheese,” but rather of a thick whipped cream with a bit of tang. Not every sip seemed to include the cheese, which we believe was due to the angle at which we tilted the cup for each one. However, that variability was actually a plus, giving us a slightly different texture and taste with every drink.

After our first adventure with cheese tea, we’re eager to go back and try it again. There are so many ingenious drinks on the menu we’ve yet to explore, and they all sound worth savoring at least once.


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Missing Teen Wolf? Start Watching These Shows ASAP

After six incredible seasons, MTV‘s Teen Wolf has ended.

Though it’s been about a month since the show aired its final episode, we’re still not over it being, well, over. There have been rumors of a spinoff, which will feature Tyler Posey, we wouldn’t get that until 2019—whomp, whomp.

To hold you over until the supposed spinoff hits MTV, we highly recommend binging these seven series.

They won’t exactly fill the Teen Wolf-shaped hole in your heart, but they’ll come pretty darn close.


Riverdale has quickly become just about everyone’s fave new show. The CW series follows Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead as their lives go haywire after all the intense things that happen in the sweet town of Riverdale. It has the same amount of mystery as Teen Wolf, but with way more drama and far fewer supernatural elements. You’ll love it, we promise.

Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead sitting in a booth at Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe

(Riverdale via The CW)



Another gem courtesy of The CW, iZombie follows medical student Olivia Moore after she gets turned into a zombie. This show can be pretty dark and suspenseful, but it has its lighthearted and hilarious moments, too.

iZombie -- "Conspiracy Weary" -- Image Number: ZMB311b_0384.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): David Anders as Blaine and Rose McIver as Liv -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

(iZombie via The CW)



If you’re a fan of superheroes and all that jazz, you really need to be watching Gotham. The show, essentially, is the origin story of every hero and villain in Batman’s hometown of Gotham.

The series is a bit more intense than Teen Wolf, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

(Gotham via Warner Bros. Television)



This Freeform show is based off a series of novels by the same name. But don’t worry, you don’t have to read the books to love the show, though we highly recommend it.

Clary Fry is the protagonist of the series who, after her mother disappears, discovers she’s a shadowhunter and has supernatural abilities. The first season is a little rough to get through, but it really picks up in the second season.

Dominic Sheerwood and Kat McNamara on Freeform's Shadowhunters

(Shadowhunters via Freeform)


The Secret Circle

A show that was totally underrated, The CW’s The Secret Circle is a straight-up masterpiece. Six teens discover they’re witches and you can probably guess all the drama that follows. Plus, Shelley Henning stars in it, so you know you’re going to love it for that reason alone.

The cast of The CW's The Secret Circle

(The Secret Circle via The CW)


The Nine Lives of Chloe King

After discovering she has cat-like powers (not a werewolf, but close), Chloe King must balance saving the human race while constantly evading assassins. What a life!

Though this show also only had one season, we’re keen on the fact that both Colton Haynes and Daniel Sharman make appearances in a few episodes.

THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING - "Redemption" - Still getting used to her new powers, Chloe can't get past the fact that she is responsible for Xavier's death. Will she be able to handle not just her newfound abilities but the life-altering limitations it puts on her relationships with others? Find out in and all-new episode of "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" premiering Tuesday, June 21 at 9:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC FAMILY/ERIC MCCANDLESS)

(The Nine Lives of Chloe King via Freeform)


The Originals

You might’ve figured The Vampire Diaries would be on this list, but the show’s spinoff, The Originals, is way more similar to Teen Wolf—especially with all the werewolves and drama between supernatural beings.

Klaus, Rebekah, Haley and Elijah taking a family selfie on The Originals

(The Originals via The CW)


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We Demoed Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch, and Here’s What Happened

Fire Emblem Warriors debuts on the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS tomorrow, and we demoed the game just in time for its release.

If you’re not familiar with the Fire Emblem series, the games are typically turn-based tactical RPGs where the deaths are actually permanent and you can forge a complex series of relationships between the characters. Fire Emblem Warriors is a different kind of game entirely, asking players to pick their favorite characters from the franchise to hack and slash their ways through enemies to secure different maps.

Fire Emblem Warriors Lucina

(via Nintendo)

During our demo, we played as Hinoka, Camilla, Takumi and Xander. Each character had their own location on a map consisting of various fortresses, all of which were occupied by the enemy at the beginning of the round. Our goal was to take over the enemy fortresses by taking down fort captains as well as the more powerful leaders, Leo, Ryoma and female Corrin, who are all familiar Fire Emblem faces. By swapping between my characters with the touch of a button and assigning my non-active characters to take over specific areas, I slowly conquered the map.

The action in Fire Emblem Warriors is totally frenetic. Each character has their own regular and strong attacks, which can be chained into combos to take down tons of enemies at once. You also have a special bar, and when it’s charged you can use your warrior’s powerful special attack. In the area we played, there were thousands and thousands of same-faced soldier enemies, with only the Fire Emblem characters sporting their own unique looks and abilities. Your special attacks can take out upwards of 100 characters in one fell swoop if you save them for the right time and place—and they can also deal a sizeable chunk of damage against the stronger characters. The game also has a K.O. counter, and it’s super satisfying to see it rise higher and higher throughout your mission.

Winning requires an understanding of the map and strategic use of your warriors. Sometimes, you need to be in the right place at the right time. You’ll also be assigned certain objectives throughout your gameplay, such as taking down certain captains or preventing thieves from reaching particular characters. Through fighting and completing these missions, your characters will level up, boosting their stats.

Fire Emblem Warriors Corrin levels up

(via Nintendo)

You’ll have to do all this while on a mission timer, so also be sure to keep your eye on the clock and manage your time wisely. We managed to beat Corrin with just seconds to spare, but the battle could have easily gone either way.

If you’re a Fire Emblem fan, this will probably be a must-play, and chances are you’ll see some of your favorite characters from the franchise here. Even if you only know some of the characters from Super Smash Bros., you’ll still recognize Marth, Lucina and Robin.

The game comes out Oct. 20 on the Nintendo Switch for $59.99 and on the Nintendo 3DS for $39.99.


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A Bunch of Spooky New Pokémon Are Coming to Pokémon Go JUST in Time for Halloween

Pokémon Go usually goes all out for special holidays, but we think this year’s Halloween celebration might be their biggest event yet.

Not only will the game increase appearances from spooky Pokémon, including the ghostly Gastly, Haunter and Gengar or the skull-wearing Cubone, but it’ll actually introduce Gen. 3 Pokémon from the Hoenn region to the game for the very first time.

This means Duskul, Dusclops, Sableye, Shuppet and Banette will all become available during the event. We might even encounter the ghoulish bug Pokémon Shedinja.

The event starts at noon PT on Oct. 20 and will run until 1 p.m. PT on Nov. 2. During that time, you can also encounter Pikachus in adorable witch hats and don your own Mimikyu Disguise Hat.

Because Halloween is the season of trick-or-treating, candy will become more abundant, too. You’ll receive double the candy when you hatch, catch or transfer Pokémon or when you walk with your Buddy Pokémon. Watch the official video below for your first peek at the new characters.

And if creepy Pokémon aren’t your thing, the rest of the Gen. 3 are allegedly arriving in December, so stay tuned!


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This Dog Invited Himself to a Wedding and Found His Own Lifelong Love

When it comes to weddings, uninvited guests are generally not welcome.

For one special pup, however, crashing a wedding worked in his favor.

Couple at Wedding

(via Facebook @StrayDogCrashesWeddinginBrazil)

At the recent nuptials of Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins in Brazil, the couple found their ceremony interrupted by a rather persistent guest. 

Before the wedding even began, a stray dog wandered through the area. Due to his muddy paws and haggard appearance, he was quickly escorted outside. However, the persistent pup wasn’t quite ready to give up the spotlight.

In fact, when the bridal chorus began, it was the pup who made his way down the aisle. Once again, he was escorted outside, only to return a third time and plop down for a nap right on the bride’s veil!

Dog Asleep On Veil

(via Facebook @GEStinson)

While some couples might have been angry about the intrusive interruption on their special day, this loving pair embraced the pup, allowing him to stay for the reception, ensuring he was well-fed from the bountiful buffet.

By the end of the night, the couple decided the pup was a necessary addition to their new family. They named their furry friend Snoop, and brought him back to his forever home.

We’re sure this trio will live happily ever after, and luckily Snoop is already a part of their wedding pictures!

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This Horse Proves That Pet-Friendly Motel Policies Aren’t Limited to Dogs

When searching for pet-friendly hotels, horses aren’t usually the animals we have in mind.

A post shared by Jasmine Tay (@jasminetayoga) on

For competitive racehorse trainer Lindsey Partridge, however, asking if her horses could accompany her inside her motel room was a no-brainer.

Earlier this month, Lindsey made the long drive from her home in Canada to Kentucky with her three racehorses for a special competition. After overhearing that pets were allowed in the motel rooms for a small fee, Lindsey joked that she would love to bring her horses into her room. To her surprise, the receptionist agreed.

A few minutes later, Lindsey guided her racehorse, Blizz, into the lobby to officially check into their new lodgings. After paying a $10 pet fee, the pair got settled into their new room by lounging on the bed and flipping through their available TV channels.

Horse in Motel Room

(via Facebook @LindseyPartridge)

Blizz was only allowed to stay in the hotel room for a few minutes, but the gentle giant proved to everyone at the motel that horses can be just as kind and loving as any other animal, despite their intimidating size.

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